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✅TINGR–for Early Childcare Providers. Runs your Daycare/Pre-School/After-School the SMART way!


[PARENT] How do I sign-up?
We automatically create your account when you submit application to any school that is currently on TINGR. So, you can use same login for all schools on our platform. Also, you can always sign-up using our friendly parent apps.

[PARENT] How do I login?
For parents who are already on TINGR, please use our parent apps. Or, if you are not sure whether you have an account with us, try re-setting password before creating a new account. If you still can't figure out, please reach us for an immediate assistance.

[PARENT] I am unable to login. What should I do?
First and foremost, check if you have account with us already by resetting your password. Just enter your email address. If none of the options work, you can reach us for assistance using this link.

[PARENT] How do I submit application to the school?
Each school has it's own website on TINGR. Once you are on school's website(usually in the form of:, you can click on 'APPLY NOW' link at the bottom to get started.

[SCHOOL] How do I sign-up my school on TINGR?
You can sign-up your school yourself by going to our main site -> fill out facility sign-up form. Or, we would love to help you! Please drop us a note:

[SCHOOL] I have received my school administrator login. What should I do?
Please login with your login credentials as directed in the email. If you have forgotten password, try resetting.

[SCHOOL] How can I send forms/documents to my school parents for filling out online?
As school admin, Login to your admin dashboard. Choose student to whom you want to send forms/documents, and click send forms/document from the menu. Also, be sure to access a whole bunch of HOW-TO videos we have for you when you login.

[SCHOOL] How do I update my facility site?
Please login to your admin dashboard and navigate to 'MY FACILITY' area to see your website. Feel free to update as & when you wish!

[SCHOOL] We have just on-boarded onto TINGR. How should I invite my current students/parents?
Drop an email to all your school parents, from MESSAGES section, in order to fill-out onetime 'Application Form'. We'll send clear instructions on your behalf to each parent. That's it! Happy TINGR'ng!!!

[SCHOOL] How can a parent send a form or document to me?
When you send a request to submit form(s)/document(s) to parent(s), we send an email to them. They can follow instructions to submit what has been requested by you digitally. As soon as they submit, you get an email with summary. You can VIEW, PRINT, SAVE all submitted forms/documents at any time!